lundi 12 novembre 2012

2 Dollar Wave has just launched! It's a brand new $3 ($2 plus $1 fees) monthly subscription Matrix Series. You get $1 for everyone you sponsor (Get 3 and yours is FREE) - EVERY month.

Wave 1 is a MINI 2x3 matrix earning you $2 plus entry into...
Wave 2 is a TINY 3x3 matrix earning you $22 plus entry into...
Wave 3 is another TINY 3x3 matrix earning you $2,222
PLUS $222 Matching Bonus for each personal referral once they have completed Wave 3.

The first time you cycle through Wave 2 you will get a FREE position in 2OnlyClub, where you can earn up to $5,315 in a 7 Phase 2x2 Matrix Series.

Each month you get another position, helping you to push through ALL 3 WAVES, making this highly profitable and extremely sustainable.

Everyone will continue to fill the matrices month after month, year after year each cycling over and over again. This will NEVER stall!

Get in early and ensure your TOP SPOT today...

Thanks for reading - Let's go make some Waves.

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