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jeudi 6 juin 2013

Liftago Taxi

Liftago Taxi is a brand new mobile application service directly connecting passengers 
(with Liftago Taxi app) and taxi drivers (with Liftago Driver app) and offering benefits to all: 

• Passengers get more timely, reliable, and convenient taxi service and driver ratings, 
while avoiding wait times, unreasonable costs, and unpleasant surprises.

• Taxi drivers get extra customers through Liftago and pay only a nominal fixed fee for each
Liftago order they receive without any other charges. With Liftago they can provide better
taxi service and make the most out of their business.​

• Marketers (like you) do not have to sell anything. You and your marketing community get 
cash rewards by spreading the use of the free Liftago app among passengers and drivers. 
Once a passenger from your community uses the Liftago Taxi app to order a taxi, your 
marketing community gets its share. What's more, there are no fees to be paid!​

Liftago Community Business 

People around the world spend millions on taxi rides, so let's make the service worth it! 
With Liftago community business, you have the power, tools, and motivation to get your share 
of the taxi business around the world. 

Here’s how it works:

• At the start, there is the initiative of any Liftago marketer: to make sure there are millions 
of passengers and drivers who use Liftago apps. First, passengers from your community 
order their taxis through Liftago Taxi app. As drivers accept these orders with ​
Liftago Driver app, a small fixed transaction fee is paid to Liftago. It is the only fee paid by 
drivers for getting​​ their taxi ride jobs through Liftago. This is also the base for Liftago 

• Half of this fee flows back to Liftago to fund expenses, costs, profits, and growth of Liftago 
​ services. ​

​ • The other half is the base of the "Reward Plan" - money available to reward you ​
(Liftago marketers) for spreading the use of Liftago. ​

• 11% of the initial transaction fee is put aside into a Bonus Reserve. We'll be ready to use this 
Bonus Reserve money to design special reward plans for the most successful marketers as 
soon as we get feedback from the market and then can design the rewards programs right. ​

• The remaining major part (39%) of the transaction fee will be the base of your earnings: 
Taxi Ride Bonus. ​

• The Taxi Ride Bonus will be allocated equally among six marketers (each one being patron 
to the next marketer in the line). The last marketer getting the 6.5% of the transaction fee in 
the form of the Taxi Ride Bonus is the one who initially inspired the passenger to use 
Liftago Taxi by way of his referral invite to download the app.

This means that each marketer can get a couple of cents for a single ride of a passenger
from their community. However, marketers get their Taxi Ride Bonus every time 
passengers from their community take a Liftago ride. Imagine you can attract 10 marketers 
in the first line of your community and they will each attract 5 other marketers and 5 
passengers from anywhere around the world into their own first line. Then their first line 
marketers will do the same and so on. Now there are almost 40,000 passengers in the six 
lines of your community. If they take a single Liftago ride every month, you can get more 
than a thousand dollars a month as a reward. What if they take more rides? What if you 
attract taxi drivers into your community and help them become marketers who market 
Liftago Taxi to the passengers they meet every day? It is up to you to maximize the 
potential of your community!

Here are the main advantages and perks of our innovative community business:​

• You're not selling anything. Your job is to distribute free Liftago apps and get rewarded
when they are used.

• You're not paying anything to Liftago for the opportunity. We give you the idea, tools, 
and the opportunity and reward you for helping us spread the use of Liftago around 
the world.

• You're offering a huge value. Passengers are taking taxis anyway. With Liftago, you are 
making the lives of both drivers and passengers much easier, for their benefit and for 

• You are part of a sustainable business. Liftago Taxi is our first service and although 
the passengers' supply seems endless, there's a limit to the number of passengers ​
in this world. With time we'll launch additional services and apps to give your ​
community additional opportunities and to make our vision of hassle-free mobility 
come true.

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